Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barry Stephenson
"Love Riots"

There are plenty of proven stage tactics that musicians can use to engage and entertain a live audience – the entire band leaving the venue is usually not one of them. For John Batiste and Stay Human, leaving the stage has become an extension of the show. For these off-stage excursions, dubbed “Love Riots”, Baptiste leads his band – and many times – the audience themselves, in a New Orleans-style parade out of the venues and through the streets.

Did we mention that the band also grabs acoustic instruments as they leave the stage so that they can continue playing outdoors?

Bassist Barry Stephenson is the musical glue which holds this swampy, ‘New ‘Awlins’ outfit together. Known for his ability to switch between electric and upright basses, Stephenson came to the attention of Baptiste over a year ago after playing a late-night session at Club Dizzy’s at Lincoln Center in New York. After a three-week tour of Europe, Stephenson’s role in the group was cemented in place and they have yet to look back.

Getting ready to record a new album with Stay Human, Stephenson came by the Aguilar Artist loft this summer to give us the details on what is next – including upcoming solo releases, the joy of playing festivals and having dinner with Earth Wind & Fire’s Verdine White!

Want to read the interview with Barry? Click here for more!

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